I love that at first she thinks it’s misogynistic, and isn’t afraid to call him on it, but then we see him do what we almost never see a male superhero do : He admits he’s scared. 

He’s not trying to belittle her, he’s not trying to tell her or even the kids that they’re not strong, 

He’s trying to protect what he loves most because he’s terrified of losing them. The big, giant robot ripping apart BUILDINGS doesn’t scare him at all compared to losing what he loves.

I love this movie for so many reasons, but this scene is one of the bigger ones. A hero movie where the males are allowed to be emotional without appearing weak? A hero movie where females are allowed to be strong without being callous or woefully 2D? A hero movie where children are allowed to explore their potential instead of being shitty sidekicks?


Watched this about 40 times

Doesn’t Matter Anymore

I like walking. Alone, with a person, with a dozen people; it doesn’t matter to me. I could be smoking or drinking or listening to music; it doesn’t matter to me. Morning, under the beating sun, under the calming moon.
It doesn’t matter to me.
Because when I walk I remember how you walked with me.
Alone, or with a person, or a dozen people; smoking with me, and/or drinking, and/or listening to music; first thing in the morning, or under a bright sun, but usually under the moon.
It doesn’t matter to me.
Because you’re not here anymore.